Festival Argentino

Join us in celebrating the 35th annual Festival Argentino,
an annual day-long festival celebrating the culture of Argentina & Latin-America 
through Music, Food, Exhibitors and Culture in Arlington.

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Video highlight of the 35th Festival Argentino here.

40 Seconds 35th Editon

Announcement in Spanish.

We Welcome the Support of Copa Airlines

Raffle: 2 tickets from Washington, DC (IAD) to one of Argentina's destinations.

General Admission is $20 in advance and includes a Raffle and Free Parking on Sat. May 21, 2022

Welcome to our 35th Edition

Announcement in Spanish.

Welcome to English TV Spot

A brief promo of the 35th Festival Argentino on May 21st, from 3:30pm to 10:30pm at Kenmore Auditorium. Click the logo to see tickets and read .

English TV Spot

Welcome to our 35th Edition

Announcement in English.

Show for the whole family your music here

A spectacular annual show of the power of the Argentine and Latin American music: Tango, Dancers, Folklore, Rock, Pop, artists from Argentina and locals ...Showcasing Gran Argentine Barbecue, Exhibitor Fest, Embracing Arts in Arlington &  Cultural Equity! Benefiting a School.

The Outreach here.

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Diplomacy and Festival Argentino

¡Mantener la Argentinidad es una acción permanente!
Maintaining Argentina is a permanent action!
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El patriotismo, la historia, la fe no son un proyecto, son las condiciónes necesarias de un proyecto. Asi nace el Festival Argentino.

Luchamos para mantener la identidad cultural, con espíritu generoso y valiente, que nos llevó a conseguir, procesar y asimilar nuevos conocimientos y destrezas de aprendizaje y enseñanza.

Debemos continuar y seguir como hacedores de la cultura, que es la clave para un retorno participativo, dando, sin recriminar a nadie y con la fe que tuvieron los patriotas que lucharon por la Argentinidad.

No hay mal que por bien no venga, pues la pandemia nos permitió redescubrir el valor de la solidaridad e interacción entre las personas, y fortaleció tanto nuestra capacidad para superar los obstáculos y concretar objetivos, como así también nuestras ganas de vivir y compartir nuestra cultura.

¡Nos vemos todos en el Festival Argentino para celebrar la vida en Semana Maya Argentina en los Estados Unidos!

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Patriotism, history, faith are not a project, they are the necessary conditions for a project. This is how the Argentine Festival was born.

We fought to maintain our cultural identity, with a generous and courageous spirit, which led us to obtain, process, and assimilate new knowledge and learning and teaching skills.

We must continue and continue as makers of culture, which is the key to a participatory return, giving, without blaming anyone and with the faith that the patriots who fought for Argentina had.

There is no harm that does not come, because the pandemic allowed us to rediscover the value of solidarity and interaction between people, and strengthened both our ability to overcome obstacles and achieve goals,
as well as our desire to live
and share our culture.

See you all at the Argentine Festival to celebrate life in the United States Argentine Mayan Week!

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ART Diplomacy and Festival Argentino


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